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So hello, everyone, good afternoon, I hope you all are keeping safe at your places. And we all know that COVID is not over yet. And we need to be very careful about COVID. And we should not be careless about it. So we need to take good care of ourselves for preventing ourselves from COVID. So for today, we have a very interesting topic of sudden cardiac arrest with none other than our favorite Dr. Aparna Jaswal just Live, who is the Best Cardiologist Doctor In Delhi and also the Director of cardiologists and electrophysiologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute Okhla. So with this, I would like to invite Dr. abundances file for the session of the day.

A topic of discussion for today was that those of us who are engaged in watching sports do realize what happened in euro 2021, with the captain of the Denmark team, Christian Eriksen. And that was scary, those of us who are watching it live. And it is not something which is unusual. And we all talk about it. We all fear it. But it’s a good point that we understand that can I as an individual, understand what happens in sudden cardiac arrest? And can I prevent it? So the format for today that we’ve kept is that Miss Jaya is going to help us with questions that have been posted to her from the viewers. And she’s going to throw those questions at me. And I will try and justify and answer them in the next couple of minutes. So all of us can understand. Should you have any more questions, please feel free to push your questions and we will try and accommodate to our best. And let’s see how it goes on. So hang on, bear with us. And let’s take it forward is jam. Right. So I would like to know what actually the Sudden Cardiac Death is. So if I were to answer what is sudden cardiac arrest, as the name implies, it is a sudden stopping of all biological functions. And what happens is, it stops the heart from beating along with the patient stops breathing and loses consciousness. Now, all of this happened. So suddenly, that it could happen in any sequence, that is the patient could be anywhere out of his boom, obviously, if the patient knew that something like this is going to happen, he would either be in a patient doctor’s clinic or he would be in a hospital. So it is not it does not happen inside the hospitals. We see certain cardiac arrests happening even inside the hospitals, but sudden cardiac arrest is the sudden stopping of the heart function, breathing, and consciousness. That is what encompasses sudden cardiac arrest. And remember, it happens suddenly, it is a bolt out of the blue, it comes unexpectedly. That’s why does a little thing happen.

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Yeah, so what leads to sudden cardiac arrest, as the name implies, is something that is happening Suddenly, there is a sudden change in the electrical function of the heart. As we all know, the heart pumps 6200 times a minute, and we can feel that by our pulse rate. So what is sudden cardiac arrest in sudden cardiac arrest, the heart begins to beat abnormally fast and that is called ventricular fibrillation? Why in the normal sinus rhythm, it was to beat 60 to 100 times a minute. When the patient has a sudden cardiac arrest, the heart beats as much as 250 or more. As a result, the heart is unable to make any effective contraction. Because there is effectual contraction, there is no circulation of blood to the heart, to the brain, to the vital organs of the body, and the individual collapses. So what happened in sudden cardiac arrest is very fast, abnormal B of the heart, which results in ventricular fibrillation and inadequate blood supply to the entire body. Right.

What do you think like, what can be the risk factors of sudden cardiac arrest like can lifestyle reason for this?

So I think that’s a very important question that she brings up that why do people have a sudden cardiac arrest, it is known that it is a very common occurrence. And we must discuss and talk about it, learn about it because we can prevent it, it is as common as one per 1000 per year in the world to have a sudden cardiac arrest. So that’s a very common occurrence. So what is it that causes it in most of the cases, and as much as 80 to 90% of the cases, the cause of sudden cardiac arrest is a disease of the blood vessels of the heart, what we call coronary artery disease or ischemic heart disease. So remember, those of us who have diabetes, have hypertension, or smoking, have a strong family history, lead an identity lifestyle, consume large amounts of salt, and alcohol and five, push ourselves to be at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Because in those patients, the Meenu is perfect to develop a disease in the blood vessels of the heart. That is called coronary artery disease. So those of us who have risk factors, if we work on our risk factors, we minimize the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. So those are the risk factors that you should remember, if we want to minimize our risk of sudden cardiac arrest, we must act upon the risk factors that we all as adults carry within our bodies, are high blood pressure, high blood sugar, smoking, access, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, and poor food habits, work on each of these elements in your lifetime, you can minimize your risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

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Thank you have any information. The next question we have for you is like how can someone recognize that he had a sudden cardiac arrest?

So the question is, how can someone recognize that he has had a sudden cardiac arrest? So I think more before we reach them, we have to understand how can one recognize that he is at risk of sudden cardiac arrest? So those of us who are adults, that means not 18? But yes, in the group of those beyond 25 years, and those of us who have risk factors for heart disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, we know we have disease in the blood vessels of the heart. This is the group that has a risk of sudden cardiac arrest. So we must work aggressively in controlling our risk factors. Coming back to the question that she posed to me, that how can I recognize that I’ve had a sudden cardiac arrest? Well, if we have lifestyle disorders, and if you ever feel that you are going to faint, or you have fainted, and you have revived yourself, it’s a good idea to meet your Doctor Aparna Jaswal  Best Heart Specialist In Delhi, let you talk to decide, let your doctor put you through certain tests. And they will tell us that are you at risk of having heart disease? Or if you have heart disease? Are you at risk of sudden cardiac arrest? So the take-home message for this question would be it’s pertinent that you address your lifestyle diseases, connect with your Best Cardiologist Doctor In Delhi and get the tests done, as your doctor advises?

Right? Thank you. Another question we have for you is Can someone recover from sudden particles like it seems a qualifying would like you to know the probability of survival?

Yes. So, at the very outset, you must distinguish that there is sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death. So when we say that somebody had sudden cardiac arrest, we imply that the individual has actually survived it. If somebody does not survive and dies, it is called sudden cardiac death. To give you a very simple example. And to put it in perspective, those of us who watched Christian Eriksen watching during the match of Denmark, fell down on the ground, and that is what is called sudden cardiac arrest. He lay unconscious, and suddenly, all the medical help came in and revived him. With a shock, he was given a defibrillator shock from a CD, an Automatic External Defibrillator, and he goes revived. So that is called sudden cardiac arrest, but not many have been so fortunate. For example, one name which hits my mind immediately is Mr. Abdul Kalam, all of us are aware that he wasn’t dice and addressing a group of students, and he fainted. He had a sudden cardiac arrest on the dice. However, he was not as lucky and he could not be revived. And that sudden cardiac arrest, because it did not intervene and he could not be revived, it landed up in Sudden Cardiac Death, meaning thereby that when a patient falls unconscious, and if, if it is one of your relatives, and you know that he’s a higher risk candidate means he has diabetes, hypertension is smoker, he already has a certain amount of cardiac illness, it’s a good idea that we all understand that the patient could be at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, and we do the needful. Also, I think our society has come to a point that all of us together, must engage in learning basic life support, if we know the basic life support, if we know what CPR is, we will be able to save several lives by a code by attending to the patient and giving basic life support. Here’s a great article.

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