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A Big Thanks to All at Fortis Escorts and a special thanks to Dr. Aparna Jaswal

My Mother Mrs. Rashmi Sachdeva was admitted under the care of Dr Aparna Jaswal from 16th November ‘2020 till 28th November 2020.the date we lost her.
She has been under her care and treatment since the past over 20 years. Before that even my father Mr. VK Sachdeva has also been her patient for several years till he passed away.
Even though my mother was admitted for an ailment, other than what Dr Aparna’s field of specialization is, my mother opted to be under the care of Dr. Aparna Jaswal, this despite there being several renowned hospitals in. Gurgaon, where we stay.
At this stage in her life she insisted that if she has to be admitted to a hospital, it has to be only under Dr. Aparna and none other. There ought to be a reason for this.
Over the past several years she had developed a special bond for Dr. Aparna, whose approach to her medical treatment was so positive, so reassuring, that she did not ever feel like a patient. She was made to feel special and in secure hands. However serious her medical condition was in her last days, we never once felt that there was anything lacking at all in the treatment or if something more could have been done to save her.
We had blind faith and 100% confidence in Dr. Aparna and her team of Doctors and were sure that whatever will be done by her and her team will be the best possible.
We are well aware how demanding this profession is and to always have a smile, cheerfulness and reassurance for the patient is absolutely commendable and we salute and thank Dr Aparna Jaswal and her team of Doctors to have taken the best possible care of my mother.
Dr Aparna, besides being tremendously capable in her field, goes much beyond her purview as a Doctor. She develops a bond of faith and friendship with the patient, which is what sets her apart. Besides, her capability in her field is unquestionable.
Even though we lost her we are assured that this was God’s will and the care and treatment she got was the best possible.
We sincerely thank Dr Aparna Jaswal, her team and all at Fortis Escorts for all your care for my mother and shall remain thankful for all times to come.

Sincere Speech

I am from Afghanistan. We are very very pleased with Dr. Aparna Jaswal who has been treating my father for 13 years. She did my father’s angio twice. She always describes the necessary steps for treatment one by one each year . Everyone will be amazed by her close and sincere speech as well as her knowledge and skills in her field. May Allah be pleased with her. Thanks again to her and her team.

Ahmad Shafiq Shafi

Careful & Friendly

Dr Aparna Jaswal Listens to your symptoms and issues very carefully.Madam is very friendly and gives full support to make patient comfortable .Dr Aparna gives the medicines for curing the disease from the root .I would highly recommend her


Ultimate Confidence

Utmost care, consideration and safety foremost for the staff to the doctor to the patient in these times… All the hygiene and sanitization processes in place to give the ultimate confidence. Thank you all the staff and the doctor herself.

Sonia Chugh

Family Member

The best Doc.. I have no words to express how kind she is and how positively she treats her patients Her way of treating ppl
The day I met her since now it’s been a year and half
I feel like I am meeting my Family member..
I would strongly Recommend Dr. Aparna Jaiswal
Thank you so much Mam for your Immense and kind support..

Harpreet S

Remarkable And Helpful

Best doctor I’ve ever met. So is polite in nature and explains the circumstance in detail with all the pros and cons. He approach for treatment is really remarkable and helpful to the patients. I would like to thank her for treating my father when he was under emergency situation.
Would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking medical help regarding cardiology.

Raja Singh Gujral

New Life

Dr. Aparna Jaswal is a cardiologist par excellence. Her behavior, her knowledge, and her treatment is amazing. She has magical hands to cure her patients. I am so thankful to her for treating my husband since 2007 and giving him new life you Dr. Aparna !!

Jaspal Chadha

Angels Of Humanity

Dr. Aparna Jaiswal is an amalgamation an of the great icons of the angels of humanity that is nightingale and mother Teresa coupled with medical expertise.
She has been treating my mother for the past 2 years she is Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctor I have ever met. She has been treating my mother as if she is her own mother, the comfort factor of my 80year old mother is much mother with her than me !

Quality of care & diagnose is excellent, my best wishes. I highly recommend Dr Aparna Jaiswal .

Ritu Jhingan

Truly Lifesaver!

Dr Aparna
Your presence holds a positive vibe that is more powerful than your prescribed medicines.
Thank you for being the hope and making everything alright in the end.
Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession.
May God always bless you,
You are truly a lifesaver !

Simran Bindra

Extremely Valuable

My dad has been Dr. Aparna’s patient since last 12 years. Her advice has been extremely valuable during critical times. She is the best cardiologist and we have full trust on her. She takes good personal care of the patient; a friendly and approachable doctor!

Vineet Mendiratta

Very Satisfied!

I visited her for my father’s heart problem. She analysed the problem very well. We are very satisfied with her treatment.

Sumona Chatterjee

Best Cardiologist

Best cardiologist in Delhi NCR


Implanted Pacemaker

My mother Jinat Ara Begum was implanted Pacemaker last week. There will be injustice
If I fail to extend my thanks to each one *describing their role*.

Jinat Ara Begum

Best Cardiologist

Dr Aparna Jaswal is one of the best cardiologist my father has ever went to. Her attention to details is second to none. She did multiple operations on my father and they were all an excellent work. She always take her time to explain the procedures and ease our worries. I would highly recommend her!

Aicha Daoud

Highly Recommend

My mother had undergone a pace maker transplant operation in 2016. Dr. Aparna Jaiswal has done the operation successfully and since then showing her concern and giving expert advice to my mother. She is very humble and polite and listen to the patients patiently. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend her regarding heath of your heart.

Owais khan

Caring Doctor

Dr. Aparna Jaswal is a wonderful, caring doctor who is always friendly and comforting to the patients. Dr. Aparna Jaswal truly makes a difference in the medical field with her amazing staff. I specially mention here name of her attendent Jyoti Mam. She is so kind.

Sharafat Ali

Very Very Pleased

I am from Afghanistan. We are very very pleased with Dr. Aparna Jaswal who has been treating my father for 13 years. She did my father’s angio twice. She always describes the necessary steps for treatment one by one each year. Everyone will be amazed by her close and sincere speech as well as her knowledge and skills in her field. May Allah be pleased with her. Thanks again to her and her team.

Ahmad Shafiq Shafi

Cardiac Examination

I met Dr. Aparna Jaswal in Escorts Heart Institute for my Cardiac Examination. I was a little nervous as it was the first chance to see a Cardiologist.
Dr. Aparna Jaswal is the best Cardiologist and very caring. She explained to me everything so nicely, which cleared my all worries.
Great Doctor.

Vaibhav Kumar

Knowledgeable & Active Doctor

She is a very nice knowledgeable n active doctor
My father is 93 years old n not able to walk
But with her treatment, he is now having good health n walking on his feet
Thanks to Aparna Ji
S P Singh

Kanwal Sps

Appreciate Dr. Aparna Jaswal

My dad was identified with a critical heart condition last month. I really appreciate Dr. Aparna Jaswal highly involved approach in the case and clarity on communication that helped my dad get proper treatment and also kept me and my family completely aware & educated on the same.
She was very patient to hear all our queries and addressed all of them. THANK YOU Dr. Aparna. God Bless!

Harminder Singh Saini

Feeling Much Better

Took an online consultation for my symptoms and the service was excellent. I am feeling much better, would highly recommend this doctor especially for all your cardiac needs. She’s very friendly and competent and I would highly recommend her expertise!

Raushan Tara Jaswal

Truly Recommended

Dr. Aparna has good experience and knowledge to treat heart conditions. She listens, analyses, and then conveys the information very calmly. She really improves the health of the person, truly recommended.

Surbhi Baweja

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