Best Overview of Sudden Cardiac Death 2020 (Part-1)

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Sudden Cardiac Death: Hello, do you at the outset. Also, I think all of us together stand united with those who have lost their loved ones in these Covid times. For them, I wish to tell them that we are with you. And we will do everything to take this COVID under control. The second thing I’d like to let you know is to let us own attempt to stay safe, it is not so difficult, if we do respect the pointers that we have been learning over the past eight to nine months to safeguard ourselves from COVID we will be able to achieve victory over this virus, what is it that humankind has not been able to achieve? So, let us together pledge to stay safe.

I wish to now start on the topic that I have come together with all of you to share which is the (SCD) Sudden Cardiac Death Overview. At the outset, let us understand why is it that we need to discuss this at all? We must not forget that while we are battling COVID the problems of chronic diseases that we have been living with have been around and we have not been able to counter them. In fact, they have been neglected. Hence, together all of us need to discuss why is it that we are talking on this subject? Some of you would be cricket buffs must be aware that we certainly lost a cricketer by the name of Dean Jones while he was in Mumbai, and he was absolutely fine. Then, to mention another person, all of us are very well aware of Mr. APG Abdul Kalam. Why is it that these people lost their lives?

sudden cardiac death

We need to understand that is this problem common? Yes, sudden cardiac death is something that happens commonly to give you a number. One out of every thousand people in the world loses their life to sudden cardiac death every year, which makes it a common occurrence. Many of us would hear to situations such as that person was fine, and he did not wake up the next morning. Sudden cardiac death is in our neighborhood. We all listen to this daily or at certain times in our lives.

Sudden Cardiac Death is Something Which Needs To Be Discussed.

Because it is a disease, it is a problem that we can count on. If we teach our staff to understand that it is common, we must also understand it is very heterogeneous. You should not think that Sudden Cardiac Death will only happen to those people who are elderly. It can happen, it can affect people in the prime of their lives. For example, Dean Jones, those of you who follow football, will be aware that we lose footballers in the prime of their youth at 28 or 30 years of age to sudden cardiac death.

So we have to understand why this happens. People confuse sudden cardiac death with heart attacks. They’re completely different. What is a heart attack? You have to understand that the death of the blood vessels of our heart is when the blood supply to the heart gets clogged. The patient presents with sudden onset, just discomfort in the middle of the chest, radiating to his neck and to his shoulders. And that’s what we call a HEART ATTACK. Always when a patient has a heart attack we as medical professionals keep telling our patients do not to neglect it, rush to the hospital. Why do we say that? We say that because we want to act.

We also say that because it is during this heart attack our patients can have sudden cardiac death. We can lose our lives during a heart attack. A heart attack is sudden clotting of a blood vessel. We must do everything to protect ourselves from a heart attack when it is happening because this clotting of a blood vessel can result in sudden cardiac death. Second, suppose a patient has a heart attack and he does not realize that he had a heart attack. And he keeps living very well after that, we must understand after a heart attack, if our heart muscle becomes weaker, we continue to remain at risk of sudden cardiac death.

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The Commonest Cause Of Sudden Cardiac Death

So we have to understand very clearly that the commonest cause of sudden cardiac death is a clot of the blood vessel, which can be an acute situation, such as a heart attack…

sudden cardiac death

As I told you, that’s why we say that if you think that you’re having any symptoms, such as pain in the jaw, pain in the center of your chest radiating to your shoulders radiating to the inner side of your arms, especially the left side of the arm, or even presenting with something like nausea and vomiting, which you have never faced in the past, do not neglect, it’s always better to seek medical attention, and be proven that you don’t have a problem, rather than have a heart attack go unnoticed.

sudden cardiac death solution by dr Aparna Jaswal

We also must understand that this is a problem of sudden cardiac death, which actually we must not fear. And if we take control of our hands, we can protect ourselves from this devastating problem. We as the general population, those of us who do not have any heart disease, should understand that we are all at risk of sudden cardiac death. And it is our duty to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this disorder, which is a common occurrence.

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